As humans we can only easily live by the nature that, envelopes us. Some people may like to think they live with divine class, but at the end of the day we are defined by our simply barbaric nature, that unless dealt with by a second thought makes us mere animals. Of course there could be a plethora of thoughts we could publish demoting humans to the level of animals, but we must not forget the added detail, that following our natural instincts usually comes a second thought. Whether this thought is confirming our original reactions or objecting to the next action we would originally make. This moment of thought separates us from the equality of animals, making us superior or more powerful. This may seem like a classic pick-me-up article, but there are some human ways that must be demeaned. Although we do take a second thought, this makes us capable of far more cruel things than that of which an animal could ever commit. When a human is threatened, physically or emotionally, they may feel the instinct to fight or flee. If the mental strength of a human is enough to be capable of thinking through initial barbaric reaction than does that not make the impulsive physical punch or deliberate harm through words all the more disgraceful? This disgrace does not demote us to the level of animals, but lower. For the ability to think things through should keep us from the awful things that suffocate our world today.